I am a puppeteer of art transforming the things,that I notice during my daily walks,in artefacts.


PROPOSAL: walk with me

Obi my Golden Retriever

I always look for interesting elements during my daily walks with my dog. Once something attracts my eyes I take a picture of it or I take it with me home.

So back in my working place the action starts in my mind. The found items becomes 'props' that trigger my imagination. Also the information about where the 'props' come from make out a significant part of my notes. And then starts the metamorphosis........

Method of Work

I'm interested how far art can have an influence on the values of people. That's why I try to put together different disciplines and styles. The only rule that counts is that techniques are not used for the technicity itself but serve the intentional message. I think that this way of art can change the view of people. By my own experience when I make this kind of artworks it is for me a good reason to think about it.

Nature is the constant theme in my work, because mankind is part of nature. We are all part of an ecosystem.

Another important part of my work is to make a connection between the different pieces of art. So I show a video together with paintings and photo's all mixed up, but not in a brutal way. People are aware of borders. I think maybe borders are not necessary. Iwant to show to people something can exist independent without borders.